Our first title: Bizerta: Silent Evil - Work in Progress !

Bizerta: Silent Evil sets the stage inside a disheveled World, softly lit by the moonlight overrunning its foliage and blanketing corridors with darkness.

“Bizerta : SILENT Evil ” is the story of Ash Lightheart drawn by mystical power to a City called Bizerta. , Ash was 15-years-old but one day, he wakes up in dark world as a 30-year-old man. You have to explore this world, slinking through a large creepy and seemingly empty building to find out what happened. The title will use touchscreen /touchpad for puzzle solving, unlocking doors, and other mini games and mechanism interactions.

Developer: Edrox interactive
Publisher: Edrox Interactive
Platforms: PC / Steam Deck/Next Gen Consoles 
Rating: PEGI 18, ESRB - M
Release Date : TBA